Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Blowing in Spring Changes!

Spring has officially BLOWN into North Valley Academy classrooms (literally, with 60 mph winds over spring break)!  With it, our elementary classrooms have been busy studying the natural world with some amazing projects.

As we visit Kindergarten, we are reminded of spring showers through the beauty of rainbows...fruit loop rainbows to be exact.  Who doesn’t love fruit loops! 

Moving on to first grade, astronomy is the topic with a focus on the solar system…

Next, we visit the unnatural world in our second grade classroom through their study of Greek mythology!  Students were able to choose a character from one of the myths they studied, write a biography, and then create a portrait of their character.  These characters really spice up our hallway - great job!

Happy Spring!

February Musings

February Musings ~ Fallen Snow
Ebony clouds
Bright hearts
Roaring Winds
Ushering in March
Ready for
Yes, the dog days of summer

Mrs. Stephenson’s 4th and 5th grade Language Arts students finished a unit on poetry.  
Oh, to have the creative mind of a child! Enjoy these samples from our Poets in training:

What would I be? - by Saydee
What do you want, what do you seek?
A diving board on a silver peak.
What do you long for, what do you crave?
Only treasure in an underwater cave.
What do you have, what do you need?
Only some flippers and an underwater steed.
Where would you go, how long will you be?
1,000 years later under the sea.
Who would go, who would you ask?
Me, my teacher, and my class.
Oh, what would you be, what would you be?
A marine biologist, that would be me.

I Am - by Kiera
I’m made of the ocean, wild as the waves.
I’m made of the cliffs, whose curves shape me.
I’m made of stone, thick as my bones.
I’m made of wildflowers, their petals soft as me.
I’m made of wild horses, free as my spirit.
I’m made of trees, standing strong in the storm.
I’m made of nature, as wild, strong, and free as me.

These Were the Good Old Days - by Nicole
These were the good old days,
Where I was a baby,
While love was going through my heart.
These were the good old days,
Where I was young like my sister,
While love was going through my heart.
These were the good old days,
Where I played with my sister,
While love was going through my heart.
Those were the good old days,
So fun, while love was going through my heart.
Long ago, with love in my heart.

Rainbow - by Uriah
The rainbow comes on like silent peacock feet.
It sits staring over me,
Adorable blue, green face, and feathers,
With gray, blue, green, and purple.

Tornado - by Campton
The tornado comes on big.
Tasmanian devil, it runs
Looking at the tornado valley,
On silent haunches, and then,
Moves on.

History Class - by William
When I was in History,
When my teacher droned on and on,
When my head fell on my desk,
When I yawned,
I thought of Star Wars,
I thought of Legos,
I thought of Star Wars cards,
I thought of Yu-Gi-Oh, and,
Oh My!
The Graceful Fox - by Rylee
I came across you in the chicken coop,
You were a graceful color of red and white,
Your eyes were glittering with a color of blue.
You were graceful and calm,
You growled as you stood there staring at me,
If I were to see you again,
I would say, you were the most graceful fox,
I have ever seen.

White Beauty - by Niyah
White wolf, white wolf,
Come nearer to thee,
I saw you running through the trees.
White wolf, white wolf,
Will you ever leave me,
Your fur, so soft, is softer than silk indeed.
Your fur is not mangled nor tangled,
I lay on my back,
Watching the clouds as the cross the sky.
You sat next to me,
I felt the warm summer breeze.
I looked next to me, but alas,

You are gone...

Monday, February 19, 2018

3rd Grade Experiences Different Cultures (Happy Chinese New Year)

A Second New Year
A Chinese New Year

Educating a student is more than making them sit in a class, listen to a lecture, and recite information back. At North Valley Academy we strive to teach students about life, to expose them to the wonders and joys that the rest of the world has to offer. On Friday our third-grade class was welcomed with "Happy New Year" as Friday was Chinese New Year. To stay most students were shocked would be an understatement. The students continued a mast of questions wondering what is going on. A few students already knew about Chinese New Year and were excited to share their knowledge. To start the morning off students learned how to write numbers using Chinese symbols. This is a difficult task. They completed math problems using the traditional English numbers, and also completed problems using Chinese symbols. Students completed the lesson by writing all the Chinese symbols 0 to 10, then 100, 1000, and 10000. Learning to see the world can happen at any age and at North Valley Academy we hope to create those leaders that are ready to change the world for the better. Check out some fun pictures of our students with their Chinese symbols.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Creative Learning: No bones about it!

February 8, 2018 - Elementary

At North Valley Academy, we are all about creative learning and it’s happening now in our elementary classrooms! Check it out….

Did you know there are 206 bones in the human body? Our first-grade students do! They are learning all about bones - the different types of bones and what they protect in our bodies. Flat bones, long bones, short bones, and even irregular bones...

Bones! Bones! Bones!

In our upper elementary classrooms, students are learning about acids and bases through some creative hands-on projects.  Thank you Mrs. Rossman for these great pictures from the fifth grade science class! 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Who said learning was quiet!?

January 26, 2018 is an amazingly wonderful day of morning meeting at NVA when Mr. Klamm has to come down and tell everyone to quiet down because it is too loud!!  This year, the upper elementary grades (4th, 5th, and 6th) are meeting on Fridays for morning meeting as a group.  This month, our hero of the month is Benjamin Franklin.  To celebrate Benjamin Franklin’s inventive spirit, our students spent the morning collaborating in small groups.  Students were asked to use their critical thinking skills to model a machine invention with only their bodies - the rest of the students had to guess what that machine was.  All I can say is, WOW! - what fabulous, creative minds children have!  Students modeled a dishwasher, fireplace, airport metal detector, and even a UFO just to name a few.  In addition, to our inventions, students played a round of “Ships and Sailors,” a fun, LOUD, activity in quickly following directions. Please enjoy the pictures from these activities…

Also in January, Mrs. Perkins held the annual Hoop Shoot Competition.  Elementary winners at the school level included:  Celia Tellez, Abbigail Whittier, Sara Whittekiend, Hadley Hunt, Triston Dayley, and Tyrell Bolish.  Congratulations to those students!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Check out our Winter Projects!

It doesn’t seem possible - 2018 already!  Happy New Year from the elementary classes at NVA!  Before the Christmas break, NVA halls were coated in fabulous student work celebrating the beginning of Winter.  From beautiful winter art in Mrs. Perreira’s first grade, snowman creations by our second graders, student snow globes featuring fifth graders, to handmade magnets and snow globes for 6th grade parent gifts, all our elementary students enjoyed a festive and creative December. 

4th and 5th grade Language Arts is excited to begin studying poetry in January…6th grade gave us a hallway preview with their artwork depicting Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” from our American Heritage Curriculum.  Happy New Year from NVA Elementary


Monday, October 23, 2017

Experiencing life and using our senses

Popcorn Sensory Observations

North Valley Academy has an amazing all day Kindergarten program. Recently they did a lesson to explore and understand all five of their senses. Mrs. Rogers used popcorn as an everyday real world example in this lesson. The students explored the sense of hearing, listening for the different sounds as the popcorn was popped. Students looked at the popcorn in different ways observing the color, the size, and what it does as it pops. Students smelt the popcorn, tasted the popcorn, and felt the popcorn. At North Valley Academy we educate the students in all ways. We teach more than just Math and English. We help students to learn about life, love learning, and to have new experiences. 

Mrs. Rogers and class getting ready to pop the corn!